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Philadelphia Dominatrix
Champion of Humbling men
& Brilliant DreamGirl Extraordinaire


first, read this.

Schedule with Spoiled Sophie

texting my phone number
i want to be dressed and made up like a woman
i want to be tickled
i want to do your housechores
i want to be spanked / physical discipline
i want to take you shopping
i want to take you to dinner
i want to be verbally humiliated
i want to get locked in dog cage
other (write about it in the message box)

scheduling won't involve much detailed talk about your kink, 
but calling Me will allow you to get a fully immersive 
verbose description of what your time with Me will be like.

Live Calls with Spoiled Sophie are available here
v  v   v      THIS ONE         v  v  v
All-Purpose Call Line $4/minute
^^ this is the one you want  ^^
^ for details on what your appointment will be like ^
I also have plenty of recorded listings on Niteflirt
that you can listen to and enjoy whether I'm online or not!
You can listen to these sexy recorded listings
over and over at any time you could possibly want them!
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